Great Barr Primary School Academy

Year 5 Curriculum


  • During this half term we will be studying the book ‘Skellig’. We will be using our descriptive writing skills to describe different settings and characters within the story.
  • We will also be debating whether it is more effective to be educated at home or at school. 
  • The children will be answering different questions based on the text. These questions will be a mixture of inference and deduction and will require evidence to support their answer.



  • Children will be focusing on angles and polygons, both calculating and measuring. 
  • We will continue to practice using all four operations to solve multi-step word problems.
  • We will recap our work on fractions and build upon our previous knowledge when subtracting and multiplying.    
  • Time and Data will also be covered this term. Here children will be learning to read and interpret different time-tables and graphs.  


Creative Curriculum

This term in science, we will be learning about Rainforests. Our main topics are:

  • Location regarding the equator;
  • Understanding the features of the rainforests;
  • Understanding why they have different climates;
  • Understanding the Ozone layer and how it is having an effect on living things;
  • Deforestation and how we can prevent it.


  • We will be learning about being thankful and this is expressed through different religions. 


  • We will be researching and learning about Frida Kahlo, using her ideas to help inspire our printing work. 


  • We will be focusing on different team games such as rounders.
  • We will also be practicing athletics for sports day.