Great Barr Primary School Academy

Year 4 Curriculum


  • We will be reading Charlotte’s Web during guided reading. 
  • We are writing a story with a moral dilemma, using the story ‘Bill’s New Frock’. 
  • We will be focussing on using inverted commas for direct speech.
  • We will be focussing on using fronted adverbials and adverbial phrases.
  • Later in the term, we will be using play scripts, focussing upon speech and language.
  • Later in the term, we will be focussing on explanation texts, using imperative verbs.



  • We will be focussing on telling and reading time to the nearest minute. 
  • We will be looking at numbers and place value to 2 decimal places.
  • We will be exploring fractions and finding fractions of amounts.
  • Using reasoning skills, we will investigate how we can apply our knowledge of mental and written methods to a variety of problems.


Creative Curriculum

  • Our topic this term is Sport and Fitness.
  • We will be exploring our local environment and analysing food chains. 
  • We will be creating a healthy meal plan and identifying the different food groups and nutrients we consume.


Other Important Information

  • During Art week, we will be researching the artist Orla Kiely. 
  • We are looking forward to the Sports Day, and we will be focussing upon athletics skills in PE. 
  • Our outdoor PE session is on a Tuesday afternoon. 
  • 4H indoor PE session is on a Friday afternoon.
  • 4C indoor PE session is on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • Homework hand in day is on a Wednesday.