Great Barr Primary School Academy

Year 3 Curriculum


In Literacy our focus text for this half term will be ‘Flat Stanley and the Magic Lamp’ which children will be using to create their own fiction piece of writing. Guided reading sessions will focus on developing the children’s inference skills such as characters’ feelings and motives from their actions.

 Throughout any piece of writing, children will continue to develop their use of a wider range of conjunctions (when, so, before, furthermore etc). Also, they will be focusing on including a range of sentence types including short, sharp sentences for impact and subordinate clauses for additional information.

 Spellings will be practised throughout the week to support the weekly spelling test on a Friday. We will also be concentrating on using these in sentences to develop vocabulary understanding.

 Handwriting is a whole- school focus and we will be encouraging children, who are comfortable, to use a neat, cursive script in their writing across the curriculum.



During this term, we will be focusing on developing and refining formal written methods for all 4 operations ( + - x and division) for numbers up to 3 digits. The rapid recall of multiplication and associated division facts for 3,4,8 tables will be ongoing and this skill will then be used to multiply 2digiity by 1 digit numbers.

 Children will continue to have opportunities to tell the time using 12 and 24 hour clocks, to the nearest minute and then apply this to solving word problems involving time.

 Children will have a range of opportunities to develop and apply these skills in a variety ways including ICT tasks, paired game, problem solving activities and practical activities which involve working collaboratively with their peers and adult support.


Creative Curriculum

Our topic will be ‘Light and Shadow where the children will learn the scientific vocabulary for the parts of the eye and also develop their scientific understanding by investigating a given research question relating to this. This will then be used to develop their understanding of how shadows and light are created.


Useful Information

Weekly homework is set on a Friday and should be back in school by the following Wednesday.

Children are given one week to practise their focus spellings which come home on Friday- we will be working on the spelling pattern throughout the week. However, if you are able, please assist your child with these. If you need any suggestions on how to help your child at home, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Year 3 team who will be happy to give you examples of games and other strategies.

 3E: Indoor PE- Monday

3CM: Indoor PE- Tuesday

Outdoor PE: Friday

 Exciting news: 3CM’s class assembly is coming up. Please save the date: Friday 15th June at 9am.

Pyjama Party: we will be celebrating the children’s behaviour and achievements by holding our very own Year3 PJ party- details to follow…