Great Barr Primary School Academy

Welcome to our Summer Curriculum page

Reception Curriculum

Over this half term our new topic is Pirates & Seaside. We are very lucky to be having a Pirate storytelling workshop with Freshwater Theatre Company to inspire the children and to kick start the topic! Each week we will be looking at a different book related to our topic. Our literacy activities will be based on these different stories. In maths we will be focusing on sharing, halving, doubling and problem solving skills through practical activities! All children then have the opportunity to use the skills taught from teacher and teaching assistant activities during independent play to consolidate their understanding.

With the rest of the school, we will be taking part in Global Studies Week where our activities for one week will be focused on a country drawn from the World Cup 2018. This gives the opportunity for children to gain an understanding of another country, helping us work towards being global citizens. We will be having a Pirate Day towards the end of the term where we will be dressing up as pirates and take part in lots of fun activities! Reception will also be having a Toy Day where the children can bring their favourite toy from home to share with their friends in school. Most importantly we will be having a lot of fun before getting ready for Year 1 after the summer break!

Reception Topic Overview – Seaside/Pirates