Great Barr Primary School Academy

Nursery Curriculum

Over this half term, our new topic is ‘Transport’ and ‘People who help us’. The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of toys, such as the garage, mini motors and tyres.

They will have the chance to be creative and paint pictures of their favourite vehicles, make 3D models using playdough and take part in wheel printing.  During their outdoor learning, they will be able to play with bikes, scooters and cars as well as taking part in a car wash! 

In PE, the children will be practising a range of different activities that will prepare them for their sports day! 

With the rest of the school, we will be taking part in Global Studies Week where our activities for one week will be focused on a country drawn from the World Cup 2018. This gives the opportunity for children to gain an understanding of another country, helping us work towards being global citizens.