Great Barr Primary School Academy

School Charges, Payments & Communication

On the tables below you will find a comprehensive list of services that carry a cost to you as the parent or carer.  We offer three ways to pay any of these costs –

  1. Cash payments made through the class in a clearly marked envelopes.
  2. Bank Transfer straight into the school “Club” account, contact the office for details.
  3. Internet payments (Parent Pay) please ask the office for more details.

It is necessary for all goods and services provided by the school to be paid for in advance.  We are not in a position to offer credit and would appreciate Parents and Carers remembering to ensure they are always in advance when it come to payments.  The school does actively chase and recover debt both internally and externally by using Lovetts debt collection solicitors.

If you believe you are entitled to “Free School Meals” please click on the image below, start a “New Application” and we will be informed and continually updated regarding your eligibility.